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LATAM Airlines Group reports preliminary monthly statistics for September 2020
October 09, 2020

Santiago, Chile, October 9, 2020– LATAM Airlines Group today announced that it has continued to see a gradual recovery of its passenger operations over the last three months. In September, the airline saw an increase to 20% of its capacity (measured in “available seat-kilometer” -ASK), while in August capacity was 13.9% and in July it was just 9.2%, in relation to the same period in 2019. These results occurred after a drastic reduction in LATAM's operations last April and May, 5.7% and 6.7% respectively, due to COVID-19.

In September, passenger traffic (measured in “rented passenger kilometers”- RPK) was 16.9% of the traffic seen over the same period during the previous year, reaching a load factor of 69,6%% (12,9 percentage points under the previous year)

During September, LATAM Airlines Group offered more frequencies to domestic destinations in Chile, Brazil, Peru and Ecuador, and restarted domestic operations in Colombia. In international flights, the preferred routes included Sao Paulo-Montevideo and Santiago-Montevideo; plus, two weekly flights from Santiago to Los Angeles and New York respectively. There was also an increase to three flights a week from Santiago to Madrid, in addition to the São Paulo / Guarulhos-New York. In Chile, LATAM flew 11 destinations, going from 20 to 35 daily frequencies.

In relation to LATAM’s cargo operations, the load factor was 70.4% (16.9 percentage points above what was registered during the same period of the previous year). LATAM Cargo has maximized the use of its B-767F cargo fleet and has used passenger aircraft for exclusive cargo transportation.